Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Creep Factor

Oh yes! The Creep Factor is important to my writing. I worried that I wouldn't find it in my new home in Florida, but all I had to do was look around. I'm very visual. Lush foliage is everywhere. It's beautiful--I love it... Of course there's a "but". It's in the density of the bushes and the types of critters they hide. Sometimes it has to do with the presentation. For instance, my husband and I went on a paddle boat ride in a nearby park. Pretty tame, huh? I wasn't expecting to be spooked. That's when it's the worst--when you least expect it. In the middle of this sweet little pond/lake we came across a chilling sight. 

Well, maybe chilling is a little strong, but I thought it was spooky with all those roots tangled in the water and the moss dripping from the trees, sometimes touching the roof of the boat. There was even a raven-like bird watching us.

That was it. That was all it took to get my muse back into action. I simply changed the sunny day to a moonlit night and added some eerie sounds to give me a nice backdrop for a lively little horror story.

I love when some place or some thing arouses my literary interest. Usually I find the fodder for my unholy stories on the internet. Plugging in words like strange, unusual, or weird will bring up the most amazing stories . For instance, this:

This picture could give me a nightmare!

I keep these stories in a file, ready to use when I need to jump-start something I'm writing or add a little excitement. Sometimes, inspiration comes from a photo. Case in point, Creep Clown above. 

Whether you're into the bizarre or the mundane, look around you. Inspiration is everywhere just waiting to be found.

Enjoy the research, and remember, keep writing!