Sunday, June 5, 2016


Whew! I have a moment to breathe. My husband and I are in the
middle of a move from MA to FL. It’s been crazy! Picture a little blue Prius with a black canvas rooftop carrier and two stressed individuals scanning the road for turnoffs. In the back, you can see the seat folded down to accommodate a large black animal carrier, dishes for food and water, and a box with kitty litter. Wait a minute. Where are the kitties? If you stretch your imagination just a bit, you can hear the sound of two terrified felines mewling underneath my seat.

The trip lasted eight days, five of which were spent trying to drag the cats back and forth from the car, a tricky exercise at best. At the very beginning, not 15 minutes into the 1400 mile event, we discovered we were missing one cat. On the last day, that same cat, Sammy, dug his claws in. almost taking out the rug under the bed. They were not happy campers, although they now seem content in the place we rented. Of course we haven’t told them that it’s only temporary. Hopefully, Sammy (color of midnight) and Jasper (our Maine Coon boy) will survive one more

We’re presently in limbo, living between two places. A break in unpacking at our new house gives me time to squeeze in some much-needed writing time. One of my first Florida purchases was a new desk, and here I sit. It feels good to relax and write for a bit. All alone. Not even the cats. Mmm.

My mind has been in turmoil with all we have to do for this relocation, but one day at a time we are getting things done. As I prepare to write this, just me and my laptop, I feel a little lost. My buds, my pals, my trusted friends—the people who make up my writing group are back in Massachusetts. No more cozy discussions on Friday night at Barnes and Noble. No more brainstorming plot, character arc, motivation. No more caring critiques. Okay, we can still email, but it won’t be the same. How am I ever going to find a new writing group? It hurts to think about it.

So, the move to Florida has been tough, but, did I mention the heat? No more snow! I love the swimming pool, and there’s plenty of room for me to ride my bike (no hills). We’re both retired now, so no deadlines. We’ve met quite a few really nice people, and we love our new home. That brings me back to being able to breathe.
Right now, I’m looking out the window in my soon-to-be office. The fan that’s whirring above my head feels heavenly, and the view fills me with comfort. I can feel my Muse grinning. 

Time to write.

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  1. Oh, Margo! I LOVE your new desk and view! Poor Sammy and Jasper...and you and Paul as you try to comfort them. We miss you like crazy at Barnes & Noble. We will need to figure out when we can Skype with you! But, I also hope you find new and talented writers in your new area, and I'm sure they'll have a lot to bring to the table and will benefit from all of your wisdom! At least the next ride in the car for the kitties will be a shorter one, though I'm sure that will be small consolation to them when it begins.