Sunday, June 7, 2015

Haiku - an ancient form of Japanese poetry.

Although I love poetry, my numerous attempts to create it have always failed. Until, however, I discovered Haiku, a lovely short form of poetry. A Haiku is made up of only three lines--five syllables for the first and third lines and seven syllables for the second line. 

I begin with a word or topic and let my imagination fly. Here are two I wrote, the first for spring (here now) and the second for summer (soon to be upon us):

Winter's cold caress
grudgingly suspends its reign
as spring tiptoes in.

Warm sunlight dancing
atop eager new blossoms
sings a summer tune.

Harness your creative spirit and create your own Haiku. Put it in a reply. I'd love to see it.

Remember, keep writing!

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