Monday, February 2, 2015

Lisa's Tuesday Contest

Tuesday Tales Challenge!
Tuesday Tales writing prompt. Write a short story between 25 to 300 words based upon the picture provided.

Just Desserts


She never let go of my ear as she dragged me to the porch.

"I told you not to enter that pie-eating contest."

Her accusing finger pointed at the purple mess on the lawn and then towards the shed.

"Get the snow shovel and feed the worms."


  1. Haha! Ewww! Great story, Margo. I bet this details a lesson learned.

  2. Can someone say "Mommy Dearest?" Ouch! Good thing it was just the lawn. Very clever take on this. Short and sweet! Thanks for playing Margo!

  3. Had to pop over and check the picture prompt. Fun story.