Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reaching My Goal!

One month after the NaNoWriMo challenge, I have 50,193 words of my next book. Incredible! The journey was filled with bumps, jagged rocks and raging rivers. Many times I sat in front of my computer in despair. Penning 50,000 little groups of letters in thirty-one days is unbelievably difficult. The non-stop intervention of family, work and life in general strains the creative muscle to its fullest. But, with the help of my ever-present and positive writer's group, I made it.

The grand prize is a ready-to-be finished draft about a family with incredible psychic gifts born with the responsibility to watch over a place inhabited by an ancient evil. Having immersed myself in the tale this past month, I know my characters and I know how the story will end.

My promise to myself is  to write every day,  keep in tune with the story, and complete it. I've learned that small goals are the only path to reaching that elusive grand goal. Each day's accumulation of words, no matter how little, leads to the end of a scene, a chapter, and, eventually, a book!

Happy Writing!