Sunday, August 19, 2012

Writer's Block

What happens when life gets in the way of writing? Talking to a writer friend about the problems we've had with sitting down to write, she suggested that maybe the best writers don't have much of a life. As we threw out some author's names, it seemed that their best writing happened at lonely or unhappy times in their lives. But, could that really be the answer? I hope not.

Authors have suggested that the answer to writer's block is to write. So, I'm writing. I've been finding it difficult to work on my book lately. A couple of reasons come to mind. The number one is fear. Although I've been told that my writing is good, I'm afraid it isn't good enough. That leads me to the question, "Good enough for what?" For a publisher? Today, if you can't find a publisher for your work, you can always self-publish. My own idea of what is good enough is probably the problem. In my second draft, I'm constantly looking back to rewrite something. I've heard many successful authors say you need to get through the whole draft before you rewrite. I'm trying to listen to their words but it's difficult. Another fear I harbor is finishing the book. Once it's finished, I'll have to let people look at it in it's entirety, not the bits and pieces I've given to critique partners. Oh dear!

Today, I'm writing this blog simply to write something. I'm guilty of enjoying a week's vacation with a lot less writing than I'd hoped. However, I've enjoyed being with family and friends and getting in a lot of swimming. Perhaps, I'm not suffering enough for my writing. Perhaps I'm not motivated enough. I don't know. After I finish this blog, I'm going back to my protagonist and see if I can ruin her day. And I'm going to go to my calendar and block out some writing time around my work week. I'm too close to the finish line. Vacation is over!


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