Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to Haunted Pen

Welcome to my blog. I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences as a novice in the world of fiction, as well as some wonderfully helpful web sites. Although I've tried my hand at a couple of short stories, most of my previous writing has been non-fiction.

The name of the blog, Haunted Pen, refers to something that happens to me when I begin to write a story. Like most writers, I have quite a few stories started, but never finished. All these stories have something odd in common. Although each story began as a mystery, somewhere in the narrative, the supernatural crept in. Without intending to, I'd added psychic experiences, ghosts or demons. Finally, I gave in to my pen's ghostly inclinations and began to write a little darker.

My current work deals with a young woman whose move to a new apartment places her in danger from a murderer and an eighteenth century ghost. With the help of her neighbor and a new man in her life, she fights to save herself. As the action takes place in Salem, MA, I'll be adding pictures of that city and various interesting tidbits.

Salem, MA has an exciting history. The photo above shows a very famous house said to be haunted. Check it out, http://www.graveaddiction.com/sevengab.html.

I hope you enjoy the happenings at Haunted Pen.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean Margo. Just as the supernatural seems to find its way into your stories, someone always seems to get killed in mine!

    Good luck with the new blog. It's very

    ~ Dianne